To submit for any of the FIRST Alumni Relations hosted forms listed below,  you will need to create a username and password (if you have not done so in the past), this log-in may be used to log back into your worksheet to make updates in the future.   

Information submitted into any form here will be used in accordance with the FIRST Privacy Policy.  

 Who can post to the FIRST Internship Portal? 

FIRST Supporters (Strategic Partners, Supporters, and Suppliers) are offered the opportunity to post their internship opportunities at 

How does the FIRST Internship Portal work? 

The FIRST Internship Portal is intended to be a seamless connection point between FIRST participants and alumni, and FIRST supporter companies.

What are the benefits of the FIRST Internship Portal?

FIRST Supporters who post internships through our portal fill internships (and ultimately jobs) with amazing and talented FIRST Alumni. Supporters will gain brand awareness and recognition within the FIRST Community.

How do I become a FIRST Internship Provider?

It’s easy! Supporters only need to complete our easy worksheet, and information will be posted to our alumni web page with sort, filter, and search capabilities.

Get started!

1. Complete the Internship Portal Worksheet. 

2. Your internship is posted online & marketed to our young and rising alumni.

3. Our students apply directly to your organization.

4. Together, we create the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your interest in making availalbe scholarships within the FIRST Scholarship Program. Please use this form to provide basic information about your organization and FIRST scholarship(s).

This form will collect information used to post and promote your FIRST Scholarship Opportunities including details on the number, amount, and criteria for your scholarships as well as contact information for whom we should communicicate with at your organization. 

Upon submission of this form, a member of our staff will be in touch with any questions or confirmation of your scholarship and benefits

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact FIRST at  

In order for us to understand the impact of the FIRST Scholarship Program, we ask that each of our Scholarship Providers share the end results of the FIRST Scholarships which they have made available. 

This simple form will collect only your organization name, number of scholarship applicants, scholarships offered, and the number of scholarships awarded. If you are accessing this form and your accept/decline deadline has not yet passed, you may input that deadline into the form and we will reach out again after that time. 

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact FIRST at 

Thank you being a part of the FIRST movement! 

FIRST Alumni Relations